DVAC Charlotte

Our Mission

 DVAC advocates to solve problems, increase public awareness and support educational efforts for victims of domestic violence.

​Our Goals

To provide inter-system advocacy and promote community advocacy.


To act as a coordinating body, with members agreeing to try to benefit the victim by resolving systemic problems.


To alert interested community parties, including local units of government, to the needs of domestic violence related services or responses to violence, which are beyond the scope or means of the Advocacy Council.  The Council is composed of representatives from various agencies.

Our Members
Animal Control 

Batterers' Intervention 
Child Advocates
Education Professionals 
Housing Advocates
Interested Community Members
Local churches 
Local companies 
Medical Professionals 
Mental Health
Substance Abuse Providers
Victim Advocates
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NOTE: The views of DVAC may not reflect the views of DVAC member agencies.